The African American Chamber of Commerce of San Antonio (AACCSA) was founded in 1993 by a group of African American business owners and consumers seeking to improve the economic status of African American business owners and the African American community. The vision was to form an organization which would advocate on behalf of emerging and established businesses, help to create new market opportunities, provide access to capital, and revitalize African American communities.


The African American Chamber of Commerce of San Antonio (AACCSA) is committed to providing dynamic leadership and advocacy to strengthen and promote prosperity within the African American community. Through the identification of resources, creating initiatives, and establishing educational opportunities, we are committed to providing opportunities for black enterprise to flourish in the Greater San Antonio and surrounding areas.


The African American Chamber of Commerce of San Antonio is an energetic and visionary organization for African American businesses in our community. We are committed to building a more prosperous community. Every African American business in our community should be a member of this vital organization.


Economic Development

Promote and enhance a vibrant and sustainable economy by growing and retaining our existing African American businesses and recruiting new industry into the community.


Remain an excellent and vital partner for African American businesses by providing educational tools and other available resources to make them more efficient and effective.

Membership Growth

Attract new members and increase existing members’ involvement in the Chamber by providing programs, services and benefits that are values by members as essential to their success.


Help business leaders understand political protocols and regulations that affect their businesses and the local economy. Create and strengthen relationships with legislators and political leaders
while championing issues that positively impact African American business owners.

Financial Stability

Ensure the future sustainability of the chamber as a result of conservative, realistic yet optimistic budgeting; addressing an effective return on member’s investment; and aggressively capturing
new income streams for the chamber’s programs. Partner with local programs to enhance working relationships between small businesses and San Antonio’s leading financial institutions.


Work with local businesses to expand opportunities for vendors, especially African American owned firms, by providing streamlined information about public contracting and purchasing opportunities while fostering business-to-business exchanges and partnerships in the private